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Friday, April 17, 2009

Pointers on How to Select Guitar Strings | How to read guitar tabs

Guitar strings are an often overlooked element in recording guitars. Many think that it doesn't matter what type of strings their guitar holds as long as they can play. However, how to select guitar strings is a very crucial step in the recording process.

The strings, more so than any amp or effect, defines your guitar's tone. Putting on improper strings can also inadvertently damage your guitar. It's also important to note that choosing guitar strings depends on your level of expertise or desired ease of playing, the type of guitar you will play, and the sound you are going for.

There are many different kinds of guitar strings. For beginners and the unacquainted who are looking for the right strings for acoustic or electric, here are our pointers on how to select guitar strings...

Acoustic Guitar:

There is a wide array of strings for acoustic guitars, more so than for electric; how to select guitar strings for your acoustic?

For you beginners, choose nylon strings, which are easy on your fingers. They also produce a soft tone, which is great if you're going for a classical guitar sound. If you are a singer-songwriter or want to play pop or folk guitar, go with ball-end nylon strings, which are a bit heavier than regular nylon and thus better for hard strumming. Bronze strings are also great for pop/folk/singer-songwriter guitars, with light gauge better suited for fingerpicking and heavy gauge for strumming.

If you need a louder and sharper sound than what nylon can deliver, pick Monel strings. Beginners, choose medium-light gauge, which again are easy on your fingers. Otherwise, go with a thicker gauge for a stronger sound. Brass strings will also generate a sharp tone. If metal strings are too much for your fingers or you want something that's even better for finger-style playing, then switch to silk or steel (just make sure not to use metal or steel strings on a classical guitar, as the high tension can damage it by warping the neck). Flat-polished strings are also easier on your fingers, which could be a great choice if you're a beginner.

Hey, what about electric guitar strings? What type of strings are best for electric guitars? Visit our site to find out pointers on how to select guitar strings for electric guitar and to read other great guitar recording tips.

by: Tony_Olegro

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